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It all started when four designers responded to a request and offered to donate

their time, material,expenses and expertise,

to enhance and revamp  drab chemotherapy rooms...


new best news!

Our Founder and Executive Director Nancy J. Ballard has been awarded a local Jefferson Award and will be considered nationally. The cameras were there Saturday, December 4, 2011 with Kate Kelly of Channel Five news to film the ten volunteers (including Nancy and her husband Mario) as they transformed the Community Room at Marin Specialty Care in Greenbrae, CA. Now, a  renewed, revamped and lovely facility named The Corinne Fuller Room takes it place

Founded in San Francisco, California. RoomsThatRock4Chemo, under the fiscal sponsorship of Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, Federal tax ID #95-4443269

Our Advisory Board. Each individual brings not only their experience to the Board but more importantly, their soul and passion and willingness to give to those that, indeed, need, a Rooms That Rocks!


Allaire Linebarger - MS RN MFT CETN

It is a great honor to be on the Board of RoomThatRock4Chemo and to be part of an exciting and compassionate a project which has as its sole purpose the  making of the life of a cancer patient undergoing chemo a bit brighter by providing him/her with  a warm, loving environment created out of the goodness of the hearts of others for their healing.  RoomsThatRock also provides those in the community with the gift of making space healing an opportunity to share this gift with others.  It is a win-win situation.  As a nurse I know first hand the hardness of having one's life "regulated" by the health care system.  What a gift to be able to help in an endeavor which seeks to soften this hardness.  Although not talented in the area of interior decorating, I am delighted to help in my capacity as a health care provider myself.  Truly it is my honor to be on this board.

Jennifer Hershon -

As a Registered Nurse and a Design Professional of 20+ years, I truly am the latest thing in hybrid design.  I am extremely proud and pleased to be part of the Rooms that Rock effort.  Lending my creative side in a long-standing design practice brings my design and business sense to my medical background knowledge. I am specializing in the kitchen and bath industry.

Mario Ballard. As a firefighter and manager with the San Francisco Fire Department for 33 years I am honored to be a part of RoomsThatRock4Chemo. During the last 17 years of my career, I managed a creative group of men and women responsible for seeing that most everything built in the City met the hundreds of local and national codes and standards. As a result of this work, after my retirement I opened Mario Ballard and Associates, a building and fire code consulting firm.

Like the Fire Department, RoomThatRock is a dedicated service oriented organization.  Ready to lend a helping, compassionate hand in times of need, always dedicated to helping others. It is in this spirit of service to others, that I look forward to working with this great endeavor.

Taylor Watts. Taylor has worked in healthcare philanthropy for twenty years, managing a charitable foundation and two charitable trusts. She successfully transitioned Marin General Hospital Foundation back to local control in 2009 recruiting community leaders and philanthropists to the Marin General Hospital Foundation Board. She is a member of

Rotary Club of Central Marin and the Center for Non-profit Volunteer Leadership. She has volunteered for the United Religions Peace Initiative, Marin Mobility Consortium Steering Committee, Environmental Forum of Marin and Wingspan Partnership. As a painter she brings both her foundation experience and "cutting in" skills to Rooms that Rock.


Taylor Gill, Professional LandmarkIt is a true honor to be on the Advisory Board of Rooms That Rock 4 Chemo. I am grateful to have the opportunity to give back to people who need it most during the toughest times in their lives. I am also honored to work with such caring people bringing the humanitarian projects to life. The selfless mission of the organization is truly amazing. Taylor C. Gill founded Landmark Industries, Inc. and currently serves as its President and CEO. Taylor is also the Executive Vice President of Township Building Services, Inc. a business services firm. Taylor is actively involved in growing and managing the firms and their subsidiary companies. Taylor currently serves on the Advisory Board of Sterling Bank & Trust and is a member of the BOMA San Francisco Government Affairs PAC committee. Taylor is a past coach and Board Member of the University of California, Berkeley Men’s Lacrosse Team. He was a former player at the University of Arizona, Chapman University and was a member of the USA West Lacrosse Team. Taylor holds a (BA) from Chapman University, Orange, CA. were he captained the Men’s Lacrosse team and earned USILA All-American Honorable Mention Honors as a player

Michael Shaw CPA - Mill Valley, CA

Nancy J Ballard, Founder / Executive Director

A botanical watercolor artist and published author of several books including her new romance novel,, Invited Guests (www.nancyballard.com)  She is committed and excited to be involved with RoomsThatRock4Chemo. All the gratitude goes to the designers  and volunteers who give so much. “It is overwhelming to be a part of the grace and generosity of our designers.”

Meet Our Fabulous Designers     Please contact them for your decorating needs

Offices of Dr. Stephen Hufford, San Francisco, CA

Delores Rooms - Jennifer Jones www.nicheinteriors.com/

Dragonfly Room - Lisa Silverman www.decoratorguru.com/

The Venetian Room - Valerie Wills   www.valeriewillsinteriors.com/

Ronnie’s Room - Kristina Wolf   www.kristinawolfdesign.com/

The Ocean Room - Kaye Fleming   kwww.kayeflemingdesign.com/

The Garden Room - Kay Fleming   

Marin Specialty Care, Greenbrae, CA (8 chairs)

Corinne Fuller Community Room - Volunteers

Sophia’s Room - Kimball Starr   www.kimballstarr.com/

Cancer Institute, San Salvador, El Salvador (12 chairs)

Nicole Facciuto   www.nicolefacciuto.com/

The Rooms of Light & Friendship

with the help of:

Dr. Narciso Díaz Bazán fundador de  la Liga Contra el cáncer de El Salvador. (Dr. Narciso Diaz Bazan founder Cancer League of El Salvador)

Ing. Sol Mesa (Presidente Liga Contra el cáncer de EL Salvador) (President of the Board of Directors).

Dr. Salvador  Díaz Bazán (Head Doctor of The Institute and  Liga Contra el cáncer de EL Salvador).

Comité Juvenil Liga Contra el cáncer de El Salvador. (Cancer League Junior Comity)

Sequoia Hospital, Redwood City, CA (9 chairs)

Bonnie’s Living Room - MRI Waiting Room

Jaimie l. Belew   www.jaimiebelew.com

To date:  RTR4C has transformed 27 rooms; including 35 treatment chairs/beds; which represents over 40,000 patient visits annually.  


Additional treatment room projects include:

Marin General Hospital, Greenbrae CA

Camden Community Hospital, Parkersburg, WV  

Mammoth Hospital, Mammoth, CA

Maternity Hospital, San Salvador, El Salvador

Mission Statement: RoomsThatRock4Chemo is a nonprofit organization devoted to creating positive, healing, lovely and uplifting spaces that spiritually, emotionally, and physically support those dealing with challenges to their health. By transforming unimaginative often sterile  spaces into vibrant, warm and peaceful environments in collaboration with interior designers, local vendors and facilities that provide treatment, this work of love, compassion and creativity  brings the comfort of beauty, peace, and caring  to those suffering thus making a real difference in their lives as well as their families and all those involved with their care   

Founded in San Francisco, California. RoomsThatRock4Chemo. Federal tax ID #95-4443269 under the fiscal sponsorship of Sweet Relief

What we Do:

RoomsThatRock4Chemo connects interior designers with hospitals and clinics that provide out patient chemotherapy. Since its founding in May 2011, our custom-designed rooms together host over 40,000 patient visits per year in San Francisco, Marin County in California and San Salvador in El Salvador

How We Began:

all began with a simple philanthropic gesture, Nancy Ballard offered to donate her botanical paintings to the dreary chemotherapy rooms in Dr. Hufford’s San Francisco medical office. Dr. Hufford was overjoyed with the artistic gifts of generosity, yet she saw a much bigger future for the project.

In an effort to revamp the chemotherapy rooms in their entirety, Nancy reached out to twenty local interior designers for their professional aid. Within three days, six designers had reacted enthusiastically, volunteering their time and creative efforts for the first RTR4C Project. Since then, talented teams of room revamping designers have been transforming bland spaces into vibrant, warm and colorful environments that evoke positive vibes into the dreary circumstances often experienced in these treatment rooms. These rooms have been completed and are highlighted on our website.