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Thank you San Salvador!

In August 2012, four representatives of RoomsThatRock4Chemo, our San Francisco, California based nonprofit organization devoted to creating positive, healing and uplifting spaces that spiritually, emotionally and physically support those dealing with chemotherapy, traveled to San Salvador at the invitation of Dr. Mauricio Maza, to transform the chemotherapy unit at Maternity Hospital in San Salvador.

With the grateful assistance of Basic Health International, 30+ local volunteers, and community donations, we were able to paint, stencil and totally transform the entire chemotherapy center in just two days. This center has an impact on over 1500 patients visits a year and we are delighted that we have made a difference for the woman in need of these services.

Much of the initial work was done before our arrival, all donated by local vendors and without fanfare or acknowledgement. These local vendors contributed tremendously to the success of our project by created a healing, transformational and beautiful environment at the Maternity Hospital. As a result, they now feature fabulous new windows, amazing, colorful, clean and bright bathrooms, new flooring, and much appreciated air conditioning. These gifts most certainly helped transform and rejuvenate the spaces. Knowing that all these items were donated to help sooth the difficulties women must endure while battling cancer, is an extra gift for which we are grateful.

As the founder and president of RoomsThatRock4Chemo, I would like to personally thank all those that made this dream come true. Please know you have made an enormous difference in the lives of those that are suffering today. You are helping their tomorrows look brighter. For this, I am grateful.

With love, and appreciation,
Nancy Ballard


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