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A Haven for Visitors and Guests

A Haven for Visitors and Guests

I read this Status Update By Official Edgar Cayce Page and believe it is so relevant to RoomsThatRock4Chemo. Each Chemotherapy room, center, chair is “home” to the patient for the amount of time they are there. It is such a pleasure to transform spaces into a heavenly home, if only for a moment. – Nancy

“In the establishing of the home, make it as that which may be the pattern of a heavenly home. Not as that set aside for only a place to sleep or to rest, but where not only self but all who enter there may feel, may experience, by the very vibrations that are set up by each in the sacredness of the home, a helpfulness, a HOPEFULNESS in the air ABOUT the home. As not only a place of rest, not only a place of recreation for the mind, not only a place as a haven for the bodies and minds of both but for all that may be as visitors or as guests. And remember those injunctions that have been in thine experience in many of thine sojourns, and be thou mindful of the entertaining of the guests; for some have entertained angels unawares. Make thine home, thine abode, where an angel would DESIRE to visit, where an angel would seek to be a guest. For it will bring the greater blessings, the greater glories, the greater contentment, the greater satisfaction; the glorious harmony of adjusting thyself and thy relationships one with another in making same ever harmonious. Do not begin with, “We will do it tomorrow – we will begin next week – we will make for such next year.” Let that thou sowest in thy relationships day by day be the seeds of truth, of hope, that as they grow to fruition in thy relationships, as the days and the months and the years that are to come go by, they will grow into that garden of beauty that makes indeed for the home. ~ from Edgar Cayce reading 480-20″


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