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Nancy Headed to Indiana to Rock The Gathering Together Hospice

A family affair to bring color and light to patients.

Nancy Heads to Indiana to Rock The Gathering Together Hospice

Rooms That Rock 4 Chemo has always been a family project, whether it’s Nancy’s husband, Mario Ballard Sr., who sits is a constant volunteer and member of the board or Nancy’s children and close friends, Nancy calls on her family to help as she strives to transform the chemotherapy experience for thousands of patients.

And so when it came time for Nancy to give back she said YES!

Nancy’s sister, Rita Fiorentino is the Founder of The Gathering Together Hospice in Plainfield, Indiana.  They provide care, nurturing and support for end-of-life guests and their families, bringing peace and assistance throughout a turbulent period – all free of charge. They also host numerous community involvement activities, including craft workshops, classes, gardening and support and bereavement groups.

And this is where Nancy comes in … their rooms need to be rocked!

With stencils, art supplies and a local paint vendor on standby in Indiana, Nancy hoped on a plane, eager to transform a visitor/patient room in this facility.  Fortunately, another “real life” sister traveled from Cleveland to help with the project, making this a true family affair.

They all agreed the project was overwhelmingly successful as noted by patients, visitors and volunteers alike!




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