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Art.com partners with RTR4C to bring art into hospitals!

Brightening the lives of thousands of patients and their families.

Art.com Partners with RTR4C to Bring Art into Hospitals!

Rooms That Rock 4 Chemo is are proud to sponsor with Art.com, to bring beautiful art into drab hospital settings. Art.com believes that art has the power to sooth, uplift and revive themind and body. We couldn’t agree more!Art.Com Highlight

When we first contact Art.Com to request donations of art for our projects, they said yes right away and were so excited about our mission! Donating thousands of dollars’ worth of art for the majority of our projects, they have been invaluable to us and help brighten up all our rooms.


Thank you Art.Com for helping make a difficult experience just a little bit easier!

You Too Can Become a Sponsor


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