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The Happiest Place on Earth

The Happiest Place on Earth

Roseland College Prep in Santa Rosa, CA, is our 21st project and first complete due to the fires in Sonoma County in October. Over the weekend, Cutting Edge Painting in Windsor donated a day to paint the halls and walls a fabulous teal blue, wiping out the depressing dark purple that negated any turf affiliations as it was a combination of the blue and the reds. Christopherson Builders donated all the materials, and I added moral support while watching the paint dry.

On Monday morning, I stood in the entrance to watch the kids flock in. They had been on Spring Break for a week and had no idea this transformation was taking place. I wanted to note their expressions, hopefully delighted, and listen to opinions, hopefully all good, when they saw their new, cool school colors on the walls.

I approached a group of middle schoolers and asked their opinion. Not big fans it turned out. Some liked the purple better; one student said it looked like a “kindergarten classroom”. That’s when I knew I got it right.

…. because I know where the happiest place on earth is.

It is not Disneyland or any other amusement park. It is, KINDERGARTEN! I know this from volunteering in my granddaughter’s kindergarten class every Monday. So, in a related sort of way, Roseland College Prep will now be considered, at least in my books, as one of the happiest places on earth. 

And to be fair, the majority love, love, love the interior of their building painted in their school colors, not the leftover colors from a school that no longer uses that facility. Sounds like a happy place to me.


~ Nancy XOXO


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