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Using Candles To Get Through Chemo

Using Candles To Get Through Chemo

Smell is the most powerful of the five senses, and the one that’s linked to memory and mood. It’s therefore important to have happy and peaceful smells surrounding you during your cancer treatment. Rooms That Rock are big believers in how surroundings can be uplifting, and a good example of this is the use of color. Many hospitals and clinics stick to their boring white walls, but research has shown that color can influence one’s emotions and mood, making healing possible. But scent is just as powerful! A chemo room that smells good and relaxing thanks to scented candles can be very healing.

Everyone talks about chemo side-effects, such as nausea and vomiting, but what happens during the actual treatment? For many patients, chemotherapy is a boring, tiring experience that has them sitting with a drip in their arm. Being in a room that makes one feel good and restful is therefore important. It’s not just how the room looks, but how it smells. Research has found that unpleasant environmental smells make people feel anxious, tired, and/or sad. Most people would agree that hospital smells, which often include strong detergents and medicine, do not evoke good moods. Therefore, the use of pleasing scents and candles can be very helpful.

What Are The Most Calming And Mood-Boosting Scents?

Spraying a scent in the air can be good to make things smell nice and boost one’s mood, but lighting candles is better. Candles appeal to more senses than smell: they create beautiful, relaxing light. Decorative ones also look pretty. If they’re infused with the right scents, they can also be calming and boost your mood, and they last longer than a bottle spray. So what scents have the greatest effect?  

To calm anxiety, the scent of pine has been proven to zap it. In a Japanese study by Kyoto University, when participants went for a walk in a pine forest, they had lower stress and depression levels. Since cancer treatments make most people feel stressed, this is a valuable smell to have around!

For a good mood, scents such as vanilla and citrus are known for their uplifting effect. A study published in the Proceedings of ISOT/JASTS 2004 found that the smell of vanilla made people feel relaxed and filled with joy. The smell of lemon or oranges are also good options. Some say they’re invigorating because they’re common ingredients in household cleaning agents. Their clean smell will be much more pleasant and homely than that of a hospital room. 

Scents Are Personal 

It’s worth noting that different people like different scents. You might feel good after smelling peppermint oil, whereas your friend might not feel anything or like the smell. Taking this into account, it’s important to consider what scents have been known to have a positive, calming effect on you in the past. The body’s olfactory receptors are connected to the limbic system, which is where emotions reside. When you smell something, your brain immediately associates it to something from your past before you can even name the scent! Scents are often connected to memories and emotions, which is why you want to choose the most invigorating and positive ones when undergoing chemo. Any scent that brings back bad memories is not allowed in the chemo room!

The Importance Of Soy Candles

While you’re focusing on choosing candles that have the best scents, make sure you buy soy candles instead of paraffin ones. Soy candles are healthier for you. When vegetable-based candles such as those made of soy were tested in a South Carolina State University study, they were found not to release pollutants that are often released by paraffin candles.

Soy candles have grown in popularity over the years. They burn up to 50 percent longer than a paraffin candle and tend to have a more pleasing scent. This is because they often contain essential oils that gradually get released when the candle burns. This differs from paraffin candles that produce a really strong scent right away. Thus, soy candles can help to create a more pleasant environment for longer.

During chemo, patients might feel powerless and afraid, but by controlling the chemo room with positive and uplifting décor as well as scent, they can boost their healing. Research has found that scent can be powerful, so choosing uplifting scents can be highly beneficial during chemotherapy and other cancer treatments.


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