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The Cathartic Healing Of Observing Art During Chemotherapy

The Cathartic Healing Of Observing Art During Chemotherapy 

With all the frequent hospital admissions chemotherapy patients will go through, it is more important than ever that the environment that they are staying in acts as a signifier of hope and healing. Patients are often subject to such cold and unhopeful rooms during hospital stays, and part of many patient’s reluctance to endure the treatment is as a result of the uninviting environment. There have been studies that suggest that the healing power of art could truly help to aid a person’s recovery, or positively assist their treatment, due to the simple catharsis of looking at something spectacular. So, why shouldn’t a hospital’s interior design be something beautiful?

Scientifically significant outcomes 

Viewing something that brings you joy is scientifically proven to have a positive impact on your immune system, by helping to establish a healthier level of cytokines, which aid immunity, fighting infection, disease, and trauma. Now that there is a proven link, there is hope for hospitals seeing the necessity in making warm and inviting rooms for their patients. This is why hospitals are investing more into the displaying of artwork that patients will see and admire during long, tough days spent undergoing treatment, such as chemotherapy. Because of this, the spend on interiors is considered a smart investment, with studies showing that it can even “increase staff efficiency, and reduce the hospital stay of the patient by making the stay less stressful”. So, not only do beautiful surroundings help heal patients, but they can also aid staff in working to their fullest potential to care for them.

Simple ways to improve environments

The creation of a more pleasant and, in turn, healing environment, does not have to be at the hands of a costly professional interior designer. But rather, local efforts to improve decor can be just as effective. DIY artwork will significantly improve the aesthetic natures of our hospital rooms, by providing focal points and intricate details for chemotherapy patients to observe whilst undergoing treatments. However, to help out, you do not need to be an artist.  Templates online are perfect for giving the framework to produce eye-catching pieces, that can be appreciated by hospital staff and patients. These templates and tutorials can be adapted and personalized to the rooms, bringing in a sense of community, as well as something beautiful to observe. Alongside small pieces of artwork, donations of interiors may be appreciated too.  Hopefully, with the breakthrough information out there about the cathartic healing power observing art can have on patients, more community projects to DIY decorate hospital rooms can begin.

How you can have an impact

To help improve the lives of chemotherapy patients, by facilitating their happiness and comfort in a more inviting environment, you can donate or volunteer locally and it is a great and simple way to get involved in helping.  Your contributions to the local community will not go unnoticed. It will give Volunteers will get the chance to collaborate on the project and change the way we view hospitals for the better.


By Jane Sandwood


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