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The Cancer Institute of San Salvador

"San Salvador’s Rooms of Light"
The name dedication for this project commemorates the successful creation of beautiful rooms and beautiful international friendships formed in the process. To work with a new community in another part of the world took much trust and care on both sides. We did indeed accomplish both light and friendship on this most amazing trip.

Project Info

Client Cancer Institute of San Salvador | San Salvador, El Salvador | February 2012
Project Specs Rooms: 7 | Beds/Chairs: 12 | Patient Visits: 34,944

Project Description

On November 17, 2011, a few months after RTR4C began its first project, RTR4C received an email from San Salvador penned by a young woman named Alexandra Brugal Sol. She was on the board for The Cancer League in San Salvador, El Salvador, and also a partnering nonprofit, The Cancer Institute of Dr. Diaz Bazan.

80% of the patients that are treated at this facility are the very poor and the less fortunate that are not able to pay for their medical care. Their goal was to open a brand new Chemotherapy room since the only one they had was “shameful, dirty and it looks like a prison”. They had a low budget, didn’t know where to start, and found RTR4C while researching Chemotherapy Rooms on the web. She hoped we could send her some “tips” or maybe even help her out.

Nancy Ballard told her husband, “I’m going to San Salvador!” He said, “No you aren’t.”

Nancy arrived on Feb 29th with a California Designer and spent an entire week sunup to sundown creating a brand new chemotherapy center and transforming six additional rooms. We brought supplies with us and were taken care of by Alexandria and her delightful family.

We had an abundance of volunteers who were most grateful we were there. One young painter told me,

You give me hope for my country. Most people don’t even know where San Salvador is, and you came and helped us. Thank you.

Yes, we both cried.

The rooms are now sparkling clean, pretty, soothing and hopeful to all that must endure the hours they spend here.

Other Transformations: A community chemotherapy room, an infusion room, doctor’s offices, and  nurses stations.

Biaz Bazán fundador de la Liga Contra el cáncer de El Salvador. (Dr. Narciso Diaz Bazan founder Cancer League of El Salvador), Sol Mesa (Presidente Liga Contra el cáncer de EL Salvador) (President of the Board of Directors).Dr. Salvador Díaz Bazán (Head Doctor of The Institute and Liga Contra el cáncer de EL Salvador) Sylvia Wilson de Sol, Dr. Mauricio Maza, Sandra Sol, Mayu Monterrosa, Raquel Diaz Bazan, Alexandra Brugal, Beatriz Brugal, Alexandra Quintanilla, Alexandra Herrera, Marcela Gutierez, Sofia Bukele, Geraldina Cestoni, Ximena Cestoni, Rodrigo Escobar, Michael Levinson, Georgia Parker, Julie Taylor, Margaret Herron, Heidi Danos, MacMan, Marnie F. Aulabaugh, Emily Bunning, Christina Schierman,Dale Moon, Julie Maigret, Allaire Linebarger, Jon Levine, Sarah Logan, Courtney McGinnis, Nicole Mitchell.

Sponsors: Cutting Edge Stencils

Designer: Nicole Facciuto


Website: www.ligacontraelcancerdeelsalvador.com