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Marin General Hospital

"Melissa’s Room of Life"
This room is dedicated to the celebration of “life” itself. Melissa Auerach Schaeffer donated a piece of art entitled, “All Life Begins in the Ocean”. This donated piece of art, a transparency of the ocean, was the catalysis for the theme and name of this project.

Project Info

Client Marin General Hospital | Greenbrae, CA | October 2012
Project Specs Rooms: 5 | Beds/Chairs: 10 | Patient Visits: 34,320

Project Description

When Marin General heard about our transforming Marin Specialty Care, they wanted the special service as well! The difficulty with a hospital is that they cannot close for the weekend whereas clinics are often able to do so. As a result, the entire outpatient oncology department was moved to an alternate location within the hospital for the weekend so that we can revamp the whole department. Precious little time was allotted to get our rooms rocked so chemotherapy could be administered on time Monday morning.

While working at Marin General, nurses and patients would wander in to take a look. My favorite moment was when a young, thin woman walked into the space and couldn’t believe her eyes! She was overcome by the kindness of strangers and how the transformation came about. When directed to Nancy, she introduced herself as a housekeeper in the hospital and vowed to keep the space clean and lovely.

During the remodeling, a nurse peeked her head in and said it looked “like heaven” and was full of praise and gratitude for the designers who so freely gave of their time, expertise and generosity. This project was completed by nine local designers, each of whom adopted a room and rocked it as only they could!

Everyone involved will benefit greatly by a healing, calm and lovely environment in which to receive treatment.

Other transformations: patient/family waiting area, hall ways and staff kitchen.


Patient Room: Marsha Heckman, Floyd Heckman, David R. Campbell

Patient Room: Ashley Jenkins, Lynne Rutter, Shannon Geis

Nurse’s Station: Jo Ann Hartely, Kristi Sandford

Patient Room: Kelly Berg

Patient Room: Michele Dugan

Nurse’s Break Room: Rachel Gingold

Family Room – Shelly Pinatbona, VMI Architecture

Sponsors: Art by Gary Kinson of Mill Valley gkinson@yahoo.com, high quality print donated by Skylard Images in Sebastopol, darren@skylarkimages.com, the LOTUS decal donated by Walter Hawkins of Dali Decals marketing@dalidecals.com, Rachel Perls of Hue Consulting, Greg Cantrell of Window Covering Solutions, Bonnie Lammar  (Bonnie Lammar Photography), Heather Young of FLYoung Studio, VMI architecture, Inc., Dunn-Edwards Paints donated all paint, Artist Susan Strong donated oil paintings, Artists Maia Leisz & Shelly Pintabona donated abstract art with the help of volunteers Hugh Murphy, Mohit Garg, Phillip Moss, Eldrick Alexander and Agnes Mazur.

Ocean – A Special Film Transparency by Artist Melissa Auerbach Schaeffer, donated by Charles Auerbach. “All life beings in the ocean”

Special thanks to Vernon Moreno and Noelle Lutz of Marin General Hospital, Jennifer Hershon Project Coordinator and Rotary Club of Central Marin.