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Marin Speciality Care – “Sophia’s Room of Triumph”

"Sophia’s Room of Triumph"
This project is dedicated in honor of Sophia by her granddaughter, Kimball Starr who is one of RTR4C’s designers. Sophia was diagnosed with colon cancer and beat it!

Project Info

Client Marin Specialty Care | Greenbrae, CA | January 2012
Project Specs Rooms: 1 | Beds/Chairs: 1 | Patient Visits: 1,560

Project Description

Kimball Starr, a local San Francisco designer came across an article about RTR4C and offered to be a contributing part of our transformations. Understanding and acknowledging the importance our surroundings have on the healing time of patients, she couldn’t wait to get started.

This is a second, smaller private treatment at Marin Specialty Care that underwent an amazing transformation are for patients that are too ill and/or weak to be in the Community Room. Kimball remarked how honored she was to have the opportunity to create a room that promotes healing and named her room after her grandmother who beat colon cancer. Her hope is that all who use this room will be just as triumphant!

Designer: Kimball Starr

Volunteers:10, including Brian Marshall and Mario Ballard