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Medical Offices of Hufford & Knopf – “Dan E. Fleming Ocean Room”

"Dan E. Fleming Ocean Room"
This room is dedicated to Dan E. Fleming, beloved father of designer, Kaye Fleming, who gave her the love of sailing and the sea.

Project Info

Client Medical Offices of Hufford & Knopf | San Francisco, CA | June 2012
Project Specs Rooms: 1 | Beds/Chairs: 1 | Patient Visits: 355/year

Project Description

Dr. Hufford said, “We first saw that blue and thought…WOW, that’s bright! But after seeing your décor, we agree that you couldn’t have picked a better color! We love it and the patients we roomed there this morning love it. We can’t express enough appreciation and gratitude for your work. Thank you!”

  • Before-Ocean Room
    After-Ocean Room
    Before Ocean Room After
  • Before-.
    Before . After
  • Before-.
    Before . After

The bigger picture …

It all began in Dr. Stephen Hufford’s office in May of 2011. (Please read Nancy’s story here.) We chose Dr. Stephen Hufford’s patient rooms as our first RTR4C project after witnessing their dismal state. In his defense, Dr. Hufford had just returned to work after a difficult year battling pancreatic cancer. His chances of recovery were slim. He would live just 17 more months — enough time to see the wonderfully transformed space and to host a reception to show his gratitude for our RTR4C volunteer designers. The reception was held in September 2012. Dr. Hufford passed away a month later. Dr. Kevin Knopf has since taken over the practice and is committed to maintaining the new look and feel of the treatment rooms.

Six different volunteer designers renovated the seven patient rooms in Dr. Hufford’s office, creating unique environments they saw as healing and soothing. Each room has its own story and dedication to a cancer patient that inspired the designer.

Patients have their favorites and often request certain rooms, but all are appreciated and treated with care by the staff and doctors. The transformations include new lighting, paint, wall treatments, wallpaper, Venetian plaster, new furniture and cabinets, chairs, art, window coverings and an extra bit of love and hope in every corner.

Designer: Kaye Flemming

Volunteers: 15

Rooms Rocked: 7

Designers: 6

Chair/Beds Transformed:10

Patient visits: 2500/year