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Saint Francis Memorial Hospital

"Dave Dravecky's Room"
Dedicated to Dave Dravecky, cancer survivor and former Pitcher for the San Francisco Giants who came out to support this project in full force!

Project Info

Client Saint Francis Memorial Hospital | San Francisco, CA | November 2015
Project Specs Rooms: 3 | Beds/Chairs: 7 | Patient Visits: 10,920/year

Project Description

The Story:

Creating an environment, a place to settled into… something like this that’s so beautiful and it helps you to actually cope.
– Dave Dravecky cancer survivor and former Pitcher for the San Francisco Giants

Fulfilling our dream of rocking the infusion center at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital took three years. As obstacles appeared, we waited patiently and emailed monthly reminding them of our proposed project. When we did meet again in 2015, the oncology nurse pulled out a blue binder she had kept from our first meeting – outlining the project plan and a list of the items she most desperately wanted for her patients.

Using that as our base, we transform the oncology center with the help of the nurses, several of whom participated in creating a “Wall of Joy” hosting the word JOY in 12 different languages. A Giants Room was next along with a brand new nurses break room – a first for them!

The rooms were dedicated on Monday with the help of former San Francisco Giant, and cancer survivor, Dave Dravecky.

Scope of Project:
One large chemotherapy unit with 6 bays, nurse’s station, 1 private room turned into a Giants Room, 1 Nurses Break Room

Art.Com, Cutting Edge Stencils, Behr Paint, Home Depot

On-Site Volunteers:
40 including our RTR4C Young Ambassadors

Cora Sue Anthony and Kelly Sabella

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