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Sequoia Hospital

"Bonnie’s Room of Hope"
This project is dedicated to Bonnie J. Addario by Jill's Legacy. Bonnie founded the Bonnie J Addario Lung Cancer Foundation and has raised over 30 million dollars in search of a cure for lung cancer. She's a true hero!

Project Info

Client Sequoia Hospital | Redwood City, CA | April 2012
Project Specs Rooms: 1 | Beds/Chairs: 9 | Patient Visits: 23,400

Project Description

Jill’s Legacy is a nonprofit (www.JillsLegacy.org) which raises awareness and money for research and the cure for lung cancer. It is named in memory of Jill Costello, a young UC Berkeley student and a friend of our family, who died of lung cancer and never smoked. They are under the fiscal sponsor of Bonnie J. Addario who has raised over ten million dollars in search of a cure for lung cancer. (www.lungcancerfoundation.org)

A recent 10-year cancer survivor herself, Jill Legacy, wanted to honor Bonnie with a “Room that Rocks for Chemo” in her name. The chemotherapy rooms at Sequoia Hospital were newly refurbished, so we broke tradition just this once and revamped the MRI waiting room where Bonnie spent endless hours.

With Bonnie’s personal interior designer volunteering for the job, and several of Jill’s Legacy board members, we definitely rocked the room!

Other transformations: Revamped the MRI waiting room at Sequoia Hospital. Scope of work included fresh paint and stenciling, artwork, water and light treatments. This room is used by adults (18 and over) as they wait for MRI services that are provided to all. It is now more peaceful and calm not only to the patients but the staff as well. The kinder lighting eliminates the harsh hospital-like glare that is not necessary in a waiting room, and soft music is now piped in for all to enjoy.

Sponsors: Michael Belew, Art/Photographer, Professional Painters, prep and supplies – donated by Taylor Gill, Advisory Board Member RTR4C; Stencils – Cutting Edge Stencils; Paint – Creative Paints in San Francisco, Taylor Gill, and Taylor Watts, Darby Anderson of Jill’s Legacy

Designer: Jamie L. Belew

Volunteers: 20+