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The Gathering Together Hospice Home

Project Info

Client The Gathering Together Hospice Home | Plainfield, IN | December 2015
Project Specs Rooms: 2 | Beds/Chairs: 2 | Patient Visits: 52/year

Project Description

The Story:

On December 3rd, Nancy arrived in Plainfield, Indiana and was welcomed by freezing temperatures, snow on the ground, and her sister Rita Fiorentino. It was requested they “rock a room” together and so the sisters got busy transforming a patient room at The Gathering Together, a non profit Hospice Home that provides food, support, and lodging for the patient, the family and loved ones as they gather together in Rita’s personal home. Volunteers help care for the family, food is always readily available and the warmth of the home and volunteers takes the chill off even the drabbest of days. In 2015, they had 37 “guests” and their families come through The Gathering Together. Another “real life” sister traveled from Cleveland to help with the project, making this a true family affaire. They all agree the project was overwhelmingly successful as noted by patients, visitors and volunteers alike!

Scope of Project:
One visitor/patient room, two beds

Cutting Edge Stencils

On-Site Volunteers:
Board Members and Supporters of The Gathering Together

Cora Sue Anthony and Kelly Sabella