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UC Barrett Hospital

"Kevin's Room of Kindness"
Dedicated in honor of Kevin Gong, a UC Berkeley student who tragically lost his life in an automobile accident. His service was held on his 21st birthday.

Project Info

Client UC Barrett Hospital | Cincinnati, OH | April 2014
Project Specs Rooms: 13 | Beds/Chairs: 21 | Patient Visits: 32,760

Project Description

The story of “Kevin’s Room of Kindness”: Kevin was a student a UC Berkeley and the co-founder of the Blue Print Volunteer Organization that helps nonprofits with web and technical support.  Kevin was working on a pro-bono website for RTR4C, excited about graduation and had a job at Google that was waiting for him. Tragically, he was killed in a car accident. His service was held on his 21st birthday. He was kind, smart, generous, funny and genuinely loved life. This project is named in his honor. <br>

UC Barrett Hospital’s project was inspired by professional photographer and volunteer, Judy Gehrlich. Judy longed to bring RTR4C to her Cincinnati community. She is a photographer for new born babies and for over a year she pitched RTR4C to every medical professional she met. She joined professional groups, went to seminars, speeches and workshops until she finally reached the one person it took to get a yes. After a full year of planning, Bay Area and Cincinnati designers, including cancer survivor Karen Sacksteder, came together over five days to create a visually outstanding environment.

Scope of Project: A $300,000 total transformation including interior design,paint, stenciling, new furniture including chemotherapy chairs, privacy curtains, wall art and new nurses station.  We also included a new Radiation Department that uses three machines every 15 minutes, Monday through Friday. We transformed the nurses station, waiting room, dressing rooms and three treatment rooms.

Sponsors: University of Cincinnati Medial Center and the Foundation of the UC Barrett Hospital, community involvement and private donations.

On-Site Volunteers: 100+ including Project Coordinators Amy Ocasio and Judy Gerlich, Nate Wood and Wes Coventry.

Designers: Cora Sue Anthony, Charlene Erler, Karen Sacksteder, Tami Brady.